Each client engagement is custom-designed to meet the specific needs of the organization. We work closely with you to identify and clarify these needs early in the engagement process. We understand the relationship between innovation and strategy and we make sure the work we do with you is aligned appropriately.

Innovation Engagements can include:

The Innovation Audit
We have developed a comprehensive innovation audit that can assess where your company’s innovation efforts are today. From this, we can outline a detailed plan and road map for moving forward and developing the capabilities that are best suited for your organization’s culture. The Innovation Audit provides a complete, clear, and accelerated path to transform your innovation practice.

Innovation Portfolio Development
The purpose of an Innovation Portfolio is to manage the risk inherent in innovation while optimizing the results achieved by innovation investments. Our 5 Step Innovation Portfolio process enables you to consider a wide range of important issues related to each potential innovation investment and to do so in a reasonable sequence.

Innovation Metrics
Like everything that businesses do which involves the investment of capital and time, innovation has to be measured. We provide guidance and best practices that help you develop specific measurements to quantify the impact of your innovation initiatives.

A Culture of Innovation
Creating a culture of innovation requires leadership. We can help you identify and develop the innovation leaders, innovation champions, and creative geniuses, team; develop your innovation processes, measures, infrastructure, team skills, and reward programs.

Innovation Workshops
To support capacity building your organization we have developed a series of workshops that boost innovation effectiveness. These workshops cover everything from theory to practice. These workshops are fun, dynamic, and engaging learning experiences that lead to immediate and significant improvements in your firm’s innovation results.

Innovation Labs
Our innovation consultation is a unique physical environment that enables high levels of interaction and productivity among participants. These environments support a wide range of activities and different types of work. “Fast, flexible, and creative” are just three adjectives that can be used to describe an Innovation Lab. An innovation lab can be set up for a few days, a few months, or it can become a permanent part of your innovation infrastructure and culture.

Collaborative Design Workshops
We have been at the forefront of facilitated collaborative design for the last 2 decades. Our Collaborative Planning and Design Processes are carefully designed to create breakthrough solutions to the specific issues, problems, or opportunities that your organization faces. Our approach to collaborative design compresses many months of effort into a few days while supporting groups of people to examine many facets of a complex situation, design specific solutions, and determine how best to implement them.

So what’s next? If innovation is important for you, then we can help you improve your innovation process, your innovation results, and ultimately your firm’s competitiveness.

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