Organization Excellence

Organization Excellence

An organization at its best is a vibrant place full of energy, motivation, and innovation; a place that shapes its own markets, products, and well-being regardless of possible economic crises. A truly excellent organization attracts the best employees and fosters outstanding customer relationships. To jump-start your business to achieve long-lasting success and true excellence, we first analyze all vital aspects of your business and then design an organizational excellence strategy that brings out the best of your capabilities.


Aligning your business goals with your strategies, processes, and identity is a powerful way to help your company grow effectively and sustainably. Our approach, based on a two-fold data collection, has a proven track record across industries. In a collaborative effort, we analyze the unique features, values, and success factors of your organization and empower all stakeholders to translate the most authentic strategies into coherent action that will make your business grow.

We assess your true capabilities and authentic identity to align your business for success: appreciatively, systemically, collaboratively.

1. Analysis of Strategic Context

  • Business Objectives / Business Plan
  • Business Data and Figures
  • Market Segments
  • Organization Design / Succession Heat Maps
  • Strategic Capabilities
  • Prior Organization Surveys / Archives

2. Organizational Identity, Value and Process Scan

  • Key Stakeholder and Executive 1:1 Interviews
  • Line Member Focus Group Sessions
  • Culture, Climate, Value and Identity Survey
  • Process Analysis
  • Double Loop Feedback Rounds

3. Capability Assessment

  • Assessment: Functions / Processes/ Product Capabilities
  • Evaluation: Overall Competencies and Sub-Function
  • Consistency Measure: Culture, Branding and Identity
  • Identification of Gaps, Unmet Needs and Unique Opportunities
  • Assessment of Strategic Story

4. Strategy, Solution and Success Story Prototyping

  • Recommendations / Suggestions Based on Assessments.
  • Strategy/ Road Map Outline
  • Solution Prototyping
  • Transformation of Strategic Organizational Success Story

5. Implementation and Sustainability Strategy

  • Implementation
  • Final Feedback Loops
  • Fine Tuning
  • Sustainability Road Map

We will deliver a comprehensive analysis of the performance of the current service model in a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats) format. In addition, we will provide improvement recommendations, suggest an optimum global service model for your organization, and offer to follow on service to help implement changes

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